Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheapest Capiz Chandelier: The popular collection

The chandelier is made of capiz shell strings and strands. It has 2500 natural capiz chips on it. One of the most beautifully-designed lamps these days. Circular-cut capiz shells in their natural color are knotted together to create these lengthy capiz chandelier wind chimes. The strings that are attached to to make a beautiful chandelier lamp is called capiz shell strings. It's height is perfect for front doors, long and narrow windows or for adding more depths in any room. The lamp's dimmer allows you to set the light's brilliance according to your mood. These lamps hangs approximately 75 to 90 inches . 

The top hanger with wicker ring is 16 inches in diameter and is attached with 78 strands of capiz with 30 chips thus making the lamps with about 2500 capiz chips. These lamps are available in any size, as well as any number of strands and capiz chips. It's chips can be cut according to your preferred size and shape and are availble in different colors and designs.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Multi colored Table Capiz Lamp Shades

Which you prefer natural color or multi colored lamp shades? No matter what the color of the lamp shades you like i think its very ok to have depending the ambiance of your place right? But this multi colored table lamp shades is perfect because its 3 layers and butterfly shape design and its perfect in your room specially ladies room. You can have your color if you like and also the design are also many. The frame is made of chrome plated metal so that long lasting and capiz shell chips for making natural and very awesome effect on lighting in your room.

Table capiz lamps is very popular before and until now due to his natural effect and beauty. It gives melodic sounds that something did not disturb while you are sleeping.

Description: 3 layers capiz chips in yellow, green, and orange in butterfly shape, 70 strands, 480 pcs. of capiz chips in 50mm diameter, 24 inches long with electric fitting. Very affordable and very cheap price made in the Philippines best exporter and wholesale of capiz lamp shades.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Capiz Floor Lamp Shades Perfect For Your Home Decoration

Make your floor a very colorful lighting thru this wonderful lamp shades made of capiz shell. It give you more colorful lights specially to your room. This floor lamp shades can place it indoor or outdoor. Indoor thru your office or room and outdoor tru sala or near your door to give a perfect ambiance looking. This capiz lampshades can give you an awosome breathable air because it will give you a wonderful melodic sounds. 

Aside from capiz shell, the frame is made of chrome plated metal so that it will give more luxurious looking and elegant design. The frame has electric fitting for light bulb and very handy because of its weightless capacity. The cheapest of all lamp shades and made from the Philippines best manufacturer. A lot more designs to choose from and capiz shape you like.

This Capiz Floor Lamp Shades is 71 inches long, 16 inches head frame and 35cm base. The stranding of the capiz is depend on how many you like as long as you want. The colors also depends as what your place look like, ether all natural white, all pink or a mixed colors.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Capiz Lamp Shades Best Lighting Fixture in your Room

When you decorating your room with the capiz lamp shades you can enhance their natural beauty by infusing textures. Your room is so wonderful and very refreshing to look. This Lamp Shade made of capiz shell is bring you more elegant and more unique specially in your sorounding area. You can place this capiz lamp shades any where you like it, because the design is perfect for your fashion needs.

Capiz Lamp Shades are cheaper than the other lamp shades, infact its all natural and yet elegant. You can place it if your room design as modern or classical. This lamp shades made of capiz shell are unique hand crafted from the finish lamp shades maker in the Philippines. Infact this products is very popular and many buyers are asking for more designs because its cheap and a big discount if you are selling it in your place. We give a big discount if you buy dozens or more. 

By adding a capiz lampshades and the right accent that are wihtin your budget, your living or private room will not only become presentable, but very beautiful. And thru this website: you can buy and choose more design or colors you like and big discount awaits you.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Chandelier made of capiz shell this year

A perfect collection for all who really loves this master piece made of capiz shell Chandelier. A wonderful collection perfectly design for your home as a beautiful decoration. The entire is full of capiz chips round or any shapes you want for this decoration. It gives wonderful lighting in your home and gives more wonderful reflection in every corner. Capiz chandelier is more unique decoration than the other chandelier because it made of capiz shell a shell on which very encompasses all of the fixed and movable ornamental objects that form an integral part of the inside of any human habitation.

Capiz chandelier is the art of interior design on which you can classify your home as classical or modern looking design. A perfect fashion for your lighting and it gives more comfortable to each and every design. Made of capiz shells available in any size, designs and colors. The frame is made of chrome plated metal on which everlasting and cool refreshing looking on which perfect match for the capiz shells.

For the designs, the quality and the price is very perfect to every individual specially for those who really loves a perfect fashion home decoration the capiz chandelier. Capiz lights shell Chandelier is made from Philippines exporting whole wide world to share magnificent home capiz made decoration the capiz chandelier. 

You can choose a variety of designs, colors and shapes if you want to buy this such lovely home capiz chandelier decoration. The most cheapest wholesaler in the Philippines and probably the leading manufacturer of all capiz shell made like capiz chandeliers

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