Monday, April 28, 2014

Capiz Lotus Chandelier in Flower Design

Capiz lotus chandelier made of natural white capiz shell in flower design. A hanging chandelier with a perfect lighting fixture which is very perfect to every corner of your home. A perfect hanging decoration on which drive your entire environment a very unique style and experience. Capiz lotus chandelier is very unique and beautiful as a hanging decoration, mostly used as contemporary looking lifestyle design. A perfect unique blind because it's come from natural material called capiz seashells which is many and found in the island Philippines.

A side from capiz lotus chandelier we have also a very BIG wide collection of all hanging chandeliers such as chrome frame chandelier, wooden frame chandelier, jumbo size chandelier and globe round chandelier which is all made of capiz shells. All of this hanging capiz chandelier export worldwide.

We are probably the leading and number one capiz shell product manufacturer like chandelier, table/floor lamps, lampshades, candle holder, picture frames, lantern, walling panel and supplier of all capiz shell components or materials like raw of capiz, capiz chips, capiz shapes, capiz loose, capiz strands, capiz windows and many more for fashion or home decoration purposes which is found and made in the island Philippines.

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