Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wholesaler of all Handmade Philippine Capiz Products like Chandeliers and Lampshades

Early this year 2012 the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) is launching there new Philippine Tourism slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines" to promote more tourist in our country. In fact many bloggers and local filipino now are creating there creativity on there own slogan to promote also there places like beach resorts, hotels, party places, bars, new tourist attractions, hangout place, not will known places and of course our proud and most famous top Philippine hot spot. You can see all this on the internet are very nice creative slogan.

In this blogs we have also create a slogan on which Philippines also has rich in handmade products like chandeliers, lampshades and curtains made of capiz shell chips. We make our own slogan to promote also our top quality export Philippine product made in the Philippines. So that tourist are not only going here in the Philippines but also for making business. Philippines has many manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter products on which very high demand in other country.

Capiz products is number one demand specially for home, hotels and resorts interior decoration and design. Our best and finest handmade Philippine products is the one who make all of this capiz chandeliers, capiz table lamps, capiz floor lampshades and capiz curtain made of capiz chips.

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